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We share your vision:

A business is measured in many ways, but its people best define it. We want to build strong relationships…not only between our clients and those they hire, but between you and Macomb Staffing. We want to be the first place to go to find the right talent for your company. Macomb Staffing is serving you, bringing together the Right businesses with the Right talent.

Our Mission: Right Job for the Right Person, Right Person for the Right Job.

·         Employers: Staffing services take on qualified candidates as employees. Such services not only pay their employees, but also withhold income tax and pay workers' compensation, disability and unemployment insurance.

·         Businesses: All companies have clients and products. In the staffing industry, clients are the companies that contract for labor or expertise, and the product is that very labor or expertise. As with any corporation, staffing services are in business to make money, which they do either by adding their markup to all labor charges or by charging clients a finder's fee.

·         Contractors: Temporary help and staffing services provide business organizations with employees for positions in all sectors of employment, from industrial to clerical to professional. In other words, staffing services match employees to client companies.

What staffing service is right for you and what is right for our job employers:

·         Temporary staffing: make up the largest segment and are the type of service we mostly service. Temporary staffing supply client companies with the right workers on a short-term basis, either to fill in for absent employees or to supplement existing staff during particularly busy times.

·         Long-term staffing: specialize in placing the right employees in long-term assignments, for indefinite periods of time. Project-related assignments, such as those found in the professional and technical sectors, often require long-term staffing.

·         Temp-to-perm staffing:  are often combined with a temporary staffing service. A temp-to-perm staffing service offers clients a chance to make sure there is a right fit starting on a temporary basis and to hire the worker later if the client wishes to do so.

·         Office and clerical: It covers secretaries, general office clerks, receptionists, administrative assistants, etc.

·         Industrial: Includes the following positions: manual laborer, food handler, cleaners, assemblers, drivers, tradesmen, maintenance workers, etc.

·         Professional/Technical: People with higher skill and education levels look for the flexibility provided by temporary and contract work. It covers a wide range of positions, including engineers, scientists, lab technicians, architects, technical writers and illustrators, draftsmen, physicians, dentists, nurse, hygienists, medical technicians, therapists, home health aides, custodial care workers, accountants, bookkeepers, attorneys, paralegals, middle and senior managers, and advertising and marketing executives and more.

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